Welcome To St. Paul's SPIRIT Ministry
Every second and fourth Friday of the month (excluding summer), we gather for SPIRIT events where pre-teens (Gr. 6's & 7's) are touched on educational, emotional, and spiritual levels.

More information about us is available in the St. Paul's Parish Bulletin, the e-mail updates , and of course this website. Remember, there are no "members" at SPIRIT, everyone is welcome!

Next Event:
Friday Nov. 11 2011

"Quench your soul's thirst and fill your soul's hunger at this night and find out how to satisfy the cravings of the soul! We'll learn how to feed our souls with righteousness and grow closer to Jesus Christ with it."

Bring your friends out!

Special Events: Volunteers!
Service Oppurtunity: Pancake Breakfast Club

Come out and help serve your fellow parishoners! You will be rewarded with a delicious breakfast which now includes scrambled eggs and French Toast!

Shift times are 830 - 10; 10 - 1130; 1130 - 1.

We are up again this weekend, Sept. 18

Foods: We Need Your Help
You all tasted the results of our request for food (Gr.7's you know what I'm talking about with the great food we had last year:), it was awesome. However in order to keep that up until the end of the year we could use a few more parents to send food (just once or twice).

We have had a few parents sign up to help us supply you with some delicious snacks after SPIRIT Nights (last year), but considering how many of you there are we could use a lot more.

Please encourage your parents to help us out. They will only have to send snacks once or twice. Remember, this is for you! If your parents would like to help out you can email me with their name and phone number. Forms were handed out at the fall kickoff, please get those back to us ASAP

Email Cecelia at: saintpauls_spirit@yahoo.ca for more information

SPIRIT Day 2011: Theme "Everyday"
The youth ministry office of the Archdiocese of Vancouver is pleased to present the SIXTH annual SPIRIT day for Gr. 7 students. This event will be taking place the weekend of Oct 29/30 @ Chandos Pattison Auditorium, Surrey and will be hosted by YMO along with other parish organizations on the weekend of Sat 1-9pm & Sun 10 - 6pm
It is a half day event for all Gr. 7's and it will feature praise n'worship, prayer, mass with the Archbishop and more!

Stay tuned for more details! Please speak to a leader for your form!

The Discussion Forum:
If you haven't already done so, please check us out here in this website for the latest events and happenings both at SPIRIT and at St. Paul's! As well, we are hoping to make good use of the discussion forum this year , so please post and express yourselves!

The address is http://pub4.bravenet.com/forum/show.php?usernum=261704512

Upcoming Events:
Fall Kickoff - Sept. 23


Spirit Day 2011!

Sat/Sun Oct 29/30
Want to catch some precious moments from previous SPIRIT Nites? Click on the photos link and sign in as spiritphotos@yahoo.ca with the password "stpauls"

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