"I'd have to say that my favorite part of spirit is the food... wait no, the people" - Jason McBurney .
"The awesome people that are a part of it is what I like best about Spirit!" - Felix Tan .
"Spirit is all about the 3 Fs, Fun, Faith, and Friends. We have fun, while building our faith and making friends." - Mike McBurney .
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The SPIRIT Program:
St. Paul's SPIRIT Ministry was started in the September of 1999. Its mission - to bring pre-teens (Gr. 6's & 7's) closer to Christ.

At Spirit, pre-teens are encouraged to deepen their faith in both themselves and God through participation in the parish community, service project, mass, and prayer.

We have a big and dedicated team of leaders, mostly high school and university students, who are passionate about serving God and serving our parish community.

At Spirit you are among friends, and we welcome all grade 6's and 7's Catholic or not.
When We Meet:
Spirit Nights usually run on the second and fourth friday of every month of the school year, from 7:30-9:00 pm. This year we have added several events to this schedule! Check the bulletin for information on upcoming nights.

A special invitation to all Gr. 6's to come out.

1) SPIRIT Represents The TRINITY

2) SPIRIT Represents the VITALITY & SPIRIT of the Young and Young At Heart

3) SPIRIT Represents the kindling FIRE of CONFIRMATION